“All I know is… I LOVED this book! An original spin on a beloved classic. It was brilliant!”

Margie’s Must Reads Top 10 Austen 2017

Lizzie Venetidis is confident in her decisions. Moving to Seattle with her sister Jane after she graduated from Stanford, for instance, was a no-brainer. Adult life, however, turns out to be more difficult to navigate than she expected.

What career should she pursue with a bachelor’s degree in Art History and no marketable experience amongst a tech-heavy job market? How responsible is it to drink that fourth cocktail while out with friends? And what should she do about Darcy—the aloof yet captivating guy she met her first night in town?

All the Things I Know is a one-mistake-at-a-time retelling of Pride & Prejudice, set against the backdrop of modern day techie Seattle. Full of wry observations, heartache, and life lessons, All the Things I Know shares the original’s lesson of ill-conceived first impressions and learning who you really are.


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The Heir Apparent

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The Heir Apparent

For better or worse, Mrs. Bennet has always been a force of nature in the Bennet household. Her foibles, her nerves, and her vulgarity are a defining part of Elizabeth Bennet's life. But what if she was gone? 

Left to the sole care of Mr. Bennet for the last seven years, his girls are sent off to school or to the care of others. It's not until the impending second marriage of Mr. Bennet that the family reunites -- just as a newcomer has taken a lease at Netherfield. 

After the tumultuous events of a summer he would rather forget, Fitzwilliam Darcy has to get away and so choses to spend his autumn with his friend Charles Bingley at Netherfield. There he meets the captivating Miss Elizabeth Bennet and a natural romance starts to unfold. 

Until the letters start to arrive. 

What if Darcy was forced to question everything about himself he knew to be true?