Polar Bear

It’s springtime in the Arctic, and the winter’s deep freeze is beginning to thaw. A mother polar bear and her still-young cubs set off for the arduous journey north. She is starved, eager for that first taste of seal blubber in what seems like a lifetime. As she and her kin trek miles across rough terrain, they struggle to keep up with her neck-breaking pace and impressive endurance. She slows for a bit, and then onward they venture until they reach the water’s edge. They emulate her every move: swimming, hunting, and watching for nearby dangers. December arrives, and with it, the frigid temps, a gentle reminder of what’s to come.

Children ages six to twelve will embrace this gorgeously illustrated picture book. It’s chock-full of fascinating facts about these mammoth creatures of the Northern Hemisphere. Award-winning author Candace Fleming has a remarkable ability to tell the polar bears’ story with interest and intrigue, welcoming readers along on their northbound expedition. She reveals their innate capabilities, unparalleled adaptability, and unrelenting determination to thrive in a region plagued by climate change and an ever-evolving landscape of minimal predictability. They are simply majestic in their own right.

By editor